Be empowered in the media: Expat Echo Dubai




Hi just wanted to thank you all -
today was such a pleasure.
I love your group dynamics and the positive energy.
It’s obvious that you care deeply about what you do and its more to do with your passion than money.
Your motto 'be-empowered' suits you perfectly because that's what it felt like to me.
How women can empower each other.
I so look forward to sharing this experience with you and thank you once again.
Take care. A.


I attended one of the 'Be - Empowered' open evenings and found all of the information to be really helpful.

In the typically 'medicalized' approach to pregnancy and childbirth of most healthcare professionals in the UAE, the information provided was both refreshing and comforting.

The individual women specialists are non medical professionals offering a range of support and techniques for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

They are passionate and experienced in supporting women at this unique and wonderful time and I would recommend visiting an open evening to find our more. Helen